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Parish Priests
 Fr Joseph Butler
 Fr Gabriel Nolan
 Fr James Brosnan
 Fr John O Halloran
 Fr Ellis Clifford
 Fr Des Effeny
 Fr Frank Jones
Assistant Priests
 Fr Dan Carroll
 Fr Conroy
 Fr Peter Kennedy
 Fr Paul Rooney
 Fr Terry Kelliher
 Fr Eddie Dowd
 Fr Epati Tamati


history1840s Reverend Thomas Jones was allocated 200 of the (500 acres of the Parish of Tingalpa). Establishment of "Tingalpa House"

1850s Hon. Henry Walsh, Member for Warrego occupied the house.

1860s  The Arnold family purchased the property which was renamed Wyvernleigh.

1880s Sale of convent land to Mr Gibson, Manager of Bank of NSW, Ipswich. Sale of the sub-division of Manly Beach Estate.

Manly Beach Estate had been sold by 1908.

As part of Wynnum parish, parishioners had to travel to Mass at Guardian Angels Wynnum. For most that meant walking due to a lack of transport. Local parishioners began lobbying for a local Mass centre.

In the June 1925 Archbishop Duhig purchased Wyvernleigh, and Mass was said in the house, by the curate from Wynnum.

Wyvernleigh was blessed as a Mass centre in 1927. This arrangement proved unsatisfactory as the Altar was in one room with most of the faithful in other rooms unable to fully participate in the mass.

26th June 1925. Archbishop Duhig purchased Culterfel House, the convent.

1927 Fr . Joseph Butler was appointed administrator of Manly Cleveland end of Wynnum Parish. He retained the responsibilities of Chaplin to the Dunwich Aged Home, The Lazaret on Peel Island and the Prison on St. Helena when he moved to Manly.

While in Manly, Fr. Butler set up, the St. John Vianney Mutual Aid Society. This provided assistance to the many poor, and unemployed families, ex prisoners etc., by donations of clothing, food, temporary accommodation and free holidays. He also set up a jam/pickles factory to give work and food to the unemployed.

28/09/1930, a Stump Capping ceremony was held to mark the beginning of the Hall.   The hall was built by Mr Percy Sheppard and his assistant, Mr Vince Crottie.

1936 Fr. Nolan appointed as parish priest, he had the hall consecrated as a Church and the first Mass was said in it on Easter Sunday 1936.

The Presentation Sisters arrived in Manly in 1941. Culterfel house was renovated and turned into a suitable convent. In 2011 they celebrate 70 years of wonderful service to the Manly Parish.

St John Vianney's school was built on the original site of Wyvernleigh in 1941. Originally named St Philomina's it was run by the Presentation Sisters. Classes were originally held on the Convent verandas and the former " catacombs" where mass used to be held.

History1949 The school moved across the road to Page-Hanify's house, approximately where the new library is. In 1953 the school moved to the back of church and presbytery moved to school site, so new school could be built.

1958 New brick building opened, still in use as the front building of the school. The old school then became a hall for both the school and parish.

1990 The new church opened on 22 April 1990. The old church again became the church hall.

2010 The church hall was removed to make way for the construction of a new hall.

2011 Nano Nagle Hall was opened.


History of St Jude's Church

  • 1948 - Land was purchased for 220 pounds by Father Nolan

  • Mass was conducted by the Assistant Priest, Father Dan Carroll in the local hall which was also used
    as a cinema. (Canvas seats and posters of film stars for the coming attactions adorning the walls)

  • Father Brosnan who replaced Father Nolan said if Gumdale parishioners would guarantee 10 pounds
    a week in the second collection, they could plan for a Church - a neat simple building.

  • Father O'Hallaran replaced Father Brosnan and four days after he started in the parish gave the go
    ahead for the new church.

  • 1964 - Archbishop Duhig who was confined to a wheel chair officially blessed the St Jude's War
    Memorial Church.   St Jude’s was the last church blessed by Archbishop Duhig.

St Jude's Church

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